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online hypnosisHypnotherapy Online

This online therapy option uses the natural state of hypnosis (eg. daydreaming, being in a trance) to help encourage changes to unwanted behaviours, habits perceptions and blocks to successful living. Its most popular successes are with stopping smoking, weight control, stress relief, anxiety, and physical issues that include emotional causes.

Pnline Hypnosis is a very popular option for busy people who want to save travelling time.

psychotherapy onlinePsychotherapy Online

This looks at the psychological aspects of why a person behaves in a particular way. Someone who has experienced trauma in childhood may exhibits unhealthy responses in adulthood. A psychotherapist would discuss and analyse the historical experiences of their client to understand and change how they want to be.



nlp onlineNLP Online

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a series of techniques that can bring about rapid change in unwanted behaviour. It doesn’t investigate causes of a client’s current issue but uses how they do something, how their mind processes events and experiences and uses their way of doing things to help them change.

NLP is often considered to be the pursuit of excellence and one its maxims is “If you want to experience a change, you need to do something different”

tapping onlineEFT Online

Emotional Freedom Techniques which is often referred to as “tapping”. This involves the client or EFT Therapist tapping lightly on selected acupuncture points on the body. The EFT therapist often demonstrates the tapping points by tapping on their own body an encourages the client to mimic them. EFT is one of the most powerful and rapid processes to help people with their issue.

EFT Online can enable you to learn how to use this easy technique for yourself.

EMSRP therapyEMSRP Online

Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning is an umbrella term for a combination of Coaching, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Usually provided over 8 to 10 sessions it’s aim is to help people who feel blocked, unhappy or unsatisfied with their life. It helps clients to make changes step-by-step to enable them to thrive in life.

Many people have said how life changing EMSRP has been for them.

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